LinkOracle.io is a Chainlink mainnet node hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

LinkOracle.io’s Oracle Contract Address is:


The node is running on an Ubuntu VM instance, and connects to the Ethereum blockchain via the beta version of the FIEWS Chainlink ETH Failover Proxy (the Ethereum blockchain endpoints themselves are provided by Linkpool and Nodesmith).

The node uses a separate PostgreSQL database for persistent data storage, and there is a failover instance of the Chainlink node Docker container running on the same VM instance should the primary Chainlink Docker container crash.

The node is funded with $ETH and $LINK.

Next Steps

The next steps in the journey to building a fully-functional Chainlink node are:

  • Configure a failover Chainlink node on a separate VM instance
  • Become registered with Chain.link
  • Add additional adapters


I would like to thank the good folks at Fourswords.io for their tutorial materials, support and guidance in helping me get this far!